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SML-mini Very Low Loop Pile Hand Tufting Gun

Modified hand Tufting Gun without a blade and a special gear mechanism, that only does loop pile at 4-5mm.

It produces a loop pile of between 4mm and 5mm depending on the yarn used.


Technical data:
Pile heights:
Ø 6mm, pile heights 4mm (depends on your yarn count)
Yarn tunnel:
standard Ø 6mm, 5 and 4mm (change of 3 parts)
0 – 2000 Stitches/Minute
Power Supply:
1~230V 220W
3,2 kg

They are distributed from Germany so there is currently a 3-4 week lead time.
We are licensed to distribute in the UK, Ireland and all of Europe except Germany, France, Netherlands and Belgium. If you live outside these areas please contact info@hofmann-handtuft.de

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