• VML16-2022

VML16 Hand Tufting Gun by Hofmann

The Hofmann VML-16 is a workhorse, that is why it is the choice of the professionals.

A single hollow needle hand tufting machine for tufted rugs and carpets, electric and compressed air powered.

The VML-16 comes with a 6mm hollow needle and wheel that creates a 18mm cut tuft height. However this can substituted whilst ordering if desired. please also see the optional interchangeable needle and wheel set https://millstek.com/product/kit-of-feed-wheels-and-needles


An air compressor is required to run the VML16 (not included) , the recommended specifications are 600 l/min, 10 bar, with a 150l tank.

We are licensed to distribute in the UK, Ireland and all of Europe except Germany, France and Belgium. If you live outside these areas please contact info@hofmann-handtuft.de .

They are distributed from Germany so have  a 3-4 week lead time.

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if you would like more information or you wish to order this or any other of our tools please contact us at tools@millstek.com.


Sold Out - to order this item please contact millstek and we will add to our next shipment from Germany/Belgium.
If you need it urgently we can order do a special order but shipping cost can be high.



VML 16

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