The UK’s leading supplier of Hand Tufting Tools, Rug Finishing Equipment and Carpet Edging Materials

Millstek specialises in Hand Tufting (handtufting) equipment for area rugs, carpets and wall hangings from leading European Manufacturers
We supply Primary Backing Fabrics and Binding Tapes and spare parts to keep you working and producing rugs. .

Handtufting (hand tufting) tools for the professional carpet and rug tufter.  Refined over 20+ years these tools are the best available to makers of rugs, carpets and wall hangings.

Fully automated robotic tufting machines.that use the same hand tufting techniques but use a PLC controlled servo motors .

Specialised handheld and table mounted shearing and carving equipment for carpets and rugs.  Machines for edge bevelling of carpet tiles and carpet samples

Sewing Machines for binding the edges of carpets, rugs, samples and bath mats using carpet tapes. Whipping / Overedging / Serging machines for edging  carpets and rugs.

From replacement blades to tufting frames we supply a wide range of parts and accessories for your carpeting tools.  

Materials used in hand-tufting including Latex, Primary and Secondary backing fabrics, along with Tapes for Edging Carpets, Rugs, Runners, and Mats