Carpet and Rug Clippers

£319.99 (inc VAT - £383.99;)

The is a very powerful machine with a brushless motor, is extremely reliable and does not overheat, making it a trouble free machine that is capable of running for extended periods of time.

The manufacturer has utilised brushless motor technology to develop a clipper that is more reliable, more effective and more powerful than and standard clipper motor. It has been designed to have less moving parts that are subject to wear and tear, this means, less vibration, less noise, no heat and increased reliability.

The clipper has variable speeds which allows the user to adjust the speed from 1500 – 2700 rpm.

The handpiece measures 28 cm in length from the tip of the blades down to the base of the clipper with the main grip point measuring 16 cm in circumference.
Weight of the clipper: 0.88kg



Carpet and Rug Clippers