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MS40-A Air Driven Rug Carver with Guide Plate and Extraction

The Hofmann MS40A is an air driven carver for carving rugs and carpets much faster than scissors

The MS 40 Carpet carving machine is the perfect tool for the final finishing of your carpet, rug or wall hanging. You can carve or sculpt the carpet edge as well as the contours of the design.

Our air driven MS 40-A is suitable for continuous working and equipped with a industrial air motor. Also the carpet carving machine MS 40-A is highly manoeuvrable, and the maintenance and care simple. The new vacuum system assists when working without having to pause to clear fibre and dust.

This air driven carver is driven with an air supply of 6 Bar with added oil mist to lubricate the internal working of the air motor.

The MS40A air driven carver is supplied with a water filter and oiler regulator unit and a spare carver blade.

They are distributed from Germany so there is currently a 3-4 week lead time.

Replacement blades of varying sizes are available here

Prices vary due to the exchange rate so please use the form below to get the latest price from Millstek.

We are licensed to distribute in the UK, Ireland and all of Europe except Germany, France and Belgium. If you live outside these areas please contact info@hofmann-handtuft.de

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MS40-A Air Driven Rug Carver with Guide Plate and Extraction