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120mm Objekta XL Polyester Tape


Objekta carpet binding tape, 120 mm, 100 % polyester. (also available in 22mm)

A hard-wearing tape quality for all heavily frequented rooms.
The outstanding feature of the Objekta line is its strength and robustness, making it also suitable for moderately moist outside conditions.
With its 7 perfectly matching colour shades and its quality satisfying the most demanding requirements, Objekta is the perfect addition to FLEXORAND’s existing collection of carpet edge bindings.

For technical reasons the roll length varies between 20 and 30 metres.  Backorders can be purchased at 30m, if the manufactured roll is shorter than this then a pro-rated refund will automatically be added to your account when the roll is despatched.

Colours shown on your screen and when printed  can vary and may not match the product. For exact matches please refer to sample hangers and sheets 

Millstek are only licenced to sell this product in the UK.   To find your local distributor contact info@flexorand.de

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Colors shown on your screen and when printed  can vary and may not match the product.

Thanks to the use of spinneret-dyed polyester multifilament yarns, “Objekta” is resistant yo UV light and abrasion, meaning it can be applied for internal and external applications.  The hardwearing  tape has been tested to 100,000+ abrasion cycles. The straightforward taffeta structure of the fabric and the fine sheen of the yarn give the collection an elegant simplicity.

“Objekta” and “Objekta XL” are available in beige, cork, pebble, anthracite, dark brown and bordeaux

Width 22 mm or 120 mm
Material polyester solution dyed
Colors 7
Weave taffeta binding with woven edge
Finish dirt repellent
Dry friction 4-5 (maximum 5)
Light fastness 7-8 (maximum 8)
Abrasion resistance > 100,000 runs
Weight 10.3 kg / 1,000 m
Length of 22 mm roll 45 m
Length of 120 mm roll 20 – 30 m

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4300 – Biege, 4301 – Cork, 4302 – Grey, 4303 – Anthracite, 4304 – Brown, 4305 – Bordeaux, 4306 – Black


20m, 21m, 22m, 23m, 24m, 25m, 26m, 27m, 28m, 29m, 30m