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Tufting Tools, Equipment and Materials

Millstek specialises in Hand Tufting (handtufting) equipment for area rugs, carpets and wall hangings from manufacturers in Germany. Belgium and Sweden. Hofmann-Handtuft Technik, Muensinger, Flexorand, Etracon.
Handtufting Shearing Binding Whipping Overedging
Hofmann Handtuft Technique GmbH have been providing handtufting (hand tufting), shearing and carving equipment to carpet, area rugs and wall hanging makers for twenty years.

Hofmann Handtuft VML tufting Gun for cut and loop pile

Hofmann and NC Carpet Binding Equipment specialise in shearing equipment for carpets and bath mats with equipment that is hand held machines. Machines for edge bevelling of carpet tiles and carpet samples and sample books.
Muensinger TS 120U Hand Held Shearing and Cropping Machine
Hitex AB a long standing handtufting rug and carpet manufacturer now make available their in house designed "Robotic" Hand Tufting Machine.
Hitex Robotic Computer Controlled Autotuft machine
This page describes the process in using the Hofmann Handtufting Gun to make hand tufted carpets, area rugs and wall hangings.
Hand Tufting Technique
Flexorand and Etracon sewing Machines for binding the edges of carpets, rugs, samples and bath mats. Machines for applying Cut and Uncut fringes to carpets, rugs, blankets and shawls. Whipping / Overedging, Serging Titan DK Style Sewing Machines with interchangeable spare parts for De Koninck machines
Titan and SpeedbinderMachines for binding by overlocking and applying fringes
Materials used in hand-tufting including Latex, Primary and Secondary backing fabrics, along with suppliers of carpets yarns
Natural Latex in 25 kg kegs
This page shows a few photographs of rugs manufactured by Hofmann's customers using the Hand Tufting method.
Photo Gallery
This section is a list of colleges and universities that offer training and education in design and manufacture of hand-tufted products using the Hofmann Handtuft Technique and producers who use tufting, shearing or carving equipment..
Contact details for Millstek - UK and Irish agent for Hofmann-Handtuft Technik GmbH, Münsinger GmbH, Hitex AB, Flexorand and Etracon..

Millstek is a UK company owned by Howard Mills that supplies equipment used in making area rugs, carpets, wall hangings, and bath mats. The Hofmann Hand-Tufting gun VML 16 can produce handtufted (hand Tufted)area rugs with both cut and loop pile. The same hand tufting gun is used in the Hitex Robotic Tufting machine. Shearing edge bevelling and carving equipment is provided by Münsinger. Carving and sculpting of area rugs and carpets give the product a third dimension and plain carpets can be made very attractive by skilled carving. Edge bevelling of carpet tiles, carpet samples and sample books on table machines. Flexorand offer their mobile / portable carpet edge binding machine and materials for the rapid binding of carpet and rug edges. Etracon DK Titan equivalent table sewing and serging machines and spare parts (De Konninck). Representing Hofmann-Handtuft Technik, Muensinger GmbH, Flexorand and Etracon.

In addition to providing equipment, Millstek supply backing fabric and Latex for the construction of hand tufted (handtufting) carpets and rugs. Also Millstek provide a maintenance service for the tufting guns and shearers provided.

In addition to the handtufting (hand tuftiing) products, table tufting, tape binding, whipping or overedging /overlocking equipment is offered from Etracon of Belgium, who offer Equivalent Titan Table Sewing machine and interchangeable spare parts for DK (De Konninck) sewing machines. Flexorand of Germany offering their Speedbinder and range of tapes including the Quickstep range. Also carpet fringing equipment is included in the product range offered by DK Titan type sewing machines. Machines for preparation of carpet tiles, carpet samples and carpet books.


The companies represented are:-

Hofmann Handtuft Technik of Germany offering hand tufting (handtufting) equipment and materials

Münsinger of Germany offering hand held shearing and table shearing equipment edge bevelling for manufacture of carpet tiles, carpet samples and sample books.

Flexorand GmbH of Germany offering their Speedbinder Tape Binding machine and Quickstep binding Tapes for inside and outside corners as used in car mats, caravans, motor homes, rv's, yachts, boats and marine. Carpet samples and sample books.

Hitex Robot Handtuft of Sweden offering their automated robotic hand tufting machine.

Etracon of Belgium who offer DK Titan type machines and interchangeable spare parts for De Koninck Sewing Machines for binding, overedging, overlocking and whipping of carpets. rugs, carpets samples and sample books, rugs, runners and stair carpet.

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