• titan_exp
  • 6:2-25-70500 UPPER LOOPER 25705
  • 6:3-25-74400 Feed Dog 25744
  • 6:3-22-32101 NUT

Titan 2500 Whipping Machine Spares


Spare Parts for Titan Whipping machines in the DK2500 range

All the parts are available to purchase as spares, part numbers are available in the parts diagram provided with your machine.

The most common ones are listed below. If the part you require isn’t in the list please get in contact and we will get you a price.

We do not stock these parts so they are shipped from Germany, so unfortunately the shipping costs are high (£30 per order)



Additional information


7713/180T for DK2500 – 10x Needles, 6/2-25-70500 UPPER LOOPER 25705, 6/3-25-52300 LOWER LOOPER 25523, 6/3-22-32101 NUT, 6/3-25-52200 BALL JOINT GUIDE FORK 25522, 6/3-25-74400 Feed Dog 25744, 6/3-25-83906 MACHINE GASKET 25839J, 6/4-25-52000 COMPLETE BALL JOINT SET 25520