Titan DK2500 Series

TITAN 2500 R&L

The TITAN 2500 series consist of right- and lefthand overedging machines, designed to be included in fully automatic lines. In such finishing lines both sides of the carpet are overedged simultaneously, which doubles the production.
The different models described below are used for overedging of woven, tufted or needle punched fabrics with any type of backing, up to 3 threads.


The TITAN 2500EEK model is designed for narrow overedging on pray mats or high quality woven carpets.
Stitch widths are fixed to one of the following values: 5.5 – 6 – 7 – 8 mm
Both 2- and 3-threads are possible.


This type is used for narrow overedging of handlook carpets or velvet pray mats, with ultra small stitch widths of 4 mm.
All types of thin threads can be used on this machine, with a density of 10 to 20 stitches/cm.
High speed version: Titan 4500HCI

TITAN 2510

The TITAN 2510 series are optimized for wide carpet overedging or for very heavy carpets.
Overedging of heavy carpets is done with the standard 12 mm stitch.
Overedging of normal carpets is done with a large stitch width of 15 of 19 mm.
A variation on this model can be used for technical applications: the TITAN 2510S. This machine type is especially developed to finish heavy duty, industrial fabrics with 2- or 3-threads and stitch widths up to 19 mm. Also big bags, jute and polypropylene fabrics can be finished on the Titan 2510S.
For overedging of technical fabrics with 2- or 3-threads and normal stitch widths of 10 or 12 mm, the TITAN 2500S(-3) model is used.

TITAN 2500E/2510E

These models are developed to be used on a buttseamer rail for joining two pieces of material together before special treatments such as shearing or dyeing:
TITAN 2500E: up to 25 mm
TITAN 2510E: up to 35 mm


TITAN 2500AHC model is developed for overedging of car, plane and boat carpets.
This model allows for sewing internal and external curves of small diameters.
The machine is always fitted with a pneumatic footlift and tension opener to make it easier to manipulate the carpet while sewing.
High Speed Version: Titan 4500AHC


This model is designed for narrow overedging of bath mats.
Narrow (5.5 mm) overedging up to 3-threads with easy sewing of external or internal curves even of a small diameter.
To obtain a perfect result, the machine is fitted with a pile pusher, pneumatic footlift and thread tension releaser. This makes it easier to manipulate the carpet while sewing.

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