• TitanDK4700C

Titan DK 4700 C High Speed Tape Binder

Titan DK 4700 C High Speed Tape Binder

High Speed Sewing Machine for Sewing Tape round Carpet EdgesHigh Speed Machine to Sew Tapes of Various Widths Round All Qualities of Carpets including those Made from See Grass, Coconut, Coir and Sisal.
High speed carpet binder
Heavy duty double chain stitch machine

Sews tape on all types of carpets, Mats, Runners and Rugs. Machine especially designed for Sisal, Coconut, Coir and Seagrass carpets.
Synchronised upper and lower transport with walking needle mechanism.
Allows easy sewing without slipping or failed stitches. Low maintenance due to automatic


Speed : 3200 stitches/minute
Stitch length : 6 mm standard, 8 mm on demand
Tape : All qualities, maximum width : 150 mm


Pneumatic footlift & tension opener (works with air pressure of 4-6 bar)


Puller : P/ DK 3700 : puller system at the back, to pull finished carpet through the machine. Safes an extra person at the machine, for handling large carpets.
Needle cooler : NC/ DK 3700C : continuous airflow to cool the needle for carpets with latex.
Electronic motor & sensor : MEM/DK 3700. The sewing machine automatically stops at the edge of the carpet with the needle & the pressure foot up, ready to make a corner.
Tape folders : for all types of ribbons on all types of carpets, made to order.
P2/DK3700 : long puller

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Titan DK 4700 C High Speed Tape Binder