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Speedbinder Parts


Spare Parts for the Flexorand Speedbinder.

Confusingly there are two versions of the parts manual.
there is an older photographed parts manual with part numbers that are prefixed with PBL, and a newer exploded diagram (see below). All parts are available, If a part is not listed in the drop down box, please contact us and we’ll get you a price.

We do not stock most of these items. So they will be ordered from Germany on our next delivery, so lead times are likely to be 3-4 weeks. if you need it quicker than this, again contact us and we will calculate a shipping price direct from Germany.

Some parts have options for 22mm folders and 122mm folders. If your speedbinder has been modified for the wider 122mm tapes then your should choose the part for the 122mm folders regardless of the size of tapes you are currently using.


Part book_Speedbinder machine_new_1-1
Part book_Speedbinder machine_new_2-2
Part book_Speedbinder machine_new_3-3
Part book_Speedbinder machine_new_4-4
Part book_Speedbinder machine_new_5-5
Part book_Speedbinder machine_new_6-6
Part book_Speedbinder machine_new_7-7
Part book_Speedbinder machine_new_8-end

Additional information


101 (PBL101) – Shuttle Race, 102 (PBL103) – Retainer Ring 22mm folders, 102m (PBL103m) – Retainer Ring 120mm folders, 102s (PBL103d) Race Cap Spring, 7 (PBL9) – Machine Head Spring, 64 (PBL137) Forked Rod Hinge Screw with Nut., 78 (PBL73-2) – Thread Guide, 116 (PBL104) – Shuttle Hook, 105NS (PBL107) – shuttle driver asset, 131 (PBL703) – Screw for 419 needle plate (each), 117 (PBL105) – Bobbin Case, 118 (PBL107s) Driver Spring, 118C (PBL107C) Pair of screws for Driver spring (118/PBL107s), 121 (PBL120) Screw for Lower Shaft Front Bushing, PBL183 Lightbulb, 152 (PBL197) – Top Cover Screw, 153 (PBL198) top thread guide, 419 (PBL702.2) – Needle Plate, 456 (PBL701) Screw for Needle Bar, 461 (PBL711) thumb screw, 553E (PBL779-2) – motor, ??? (PBL765.3) – Thread Tensioner Spring, ??? (PBL720-2) Back Plate, PBL755-2 – Belt (motor), PBL755-2L – Belt (handwheel), PBL 724B – Axis for Pulley Belt, PBL 746/8 – Bracket for 22mm Tape Plate, PBL 747/8 – 22mm Tape plate, PBL748/8 – Tape Locator Sprung Screw., PBL768 – spacer, Pair of Carbon Brushes, Pair of Thread Guide, Hinge Screw and Spring for 120mm Tape folder, 429NS – Electric Trigger Switch