• VML_exploded_diagram
  • PXL_20230120_114926246
  • VML-blade-screw
  • VML-valve-plate-screws
  • VML-cam-16mm
  • VML-lever-arm-screw
  • VML-nipple-for-093
  • IMG_1514
  • VML-quick-release-valve
  • IMG_1516
  • IMG_1529
  • IMG_1525
  • IMG_1521
  • IMG_1513
  • VML-driver disc
  • VML-screw-for-blade-guard
  • VML-tension-wheel-screw
  • VML-needle-ring
  • VML-large valve

Replacement Parts for Hofmann VML16 Tufting Gun


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Every part for the VML Tufting Gun is available for spares and and repairs.  Millstek stock the main items here,  any other item can be ordered, but unfortunately as they are shipped from Germany the shipping costs are high (£20 to mainland UK per order).

If your required item isn’t listed below, contact us for specific details and prices.


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005 – needles are listed on separate page, 006 – feedwheels are listed on a separate page, 007-27 – 27mm connection rod and fixings, 009 – valve ER-28-310, 009 – big valve ER-18-310, 011 – Blade Ring, 012 – Driver Disc for use with HQ / type 95 blades, 012 – Driver Disc for use with type 96 blades, 015-D40 anvil for use with 4mm needles, 015-D50 anvil for use with 5mm needles, 015-D60 anvil for use with 6mm needles, 015-D65 anvil for use with 6.5mm needles, 015-D70 anvil for use with 7mm needles, 016-12 Cam for 12mm pile height, 016-16 Cam for 16mm+ pile height, 019-D40 guide tube for use with 4mm needles 2parts, 019-D50 guide tube for use with 5mm needles 2parts, 019-D60 guide tube for use with 6mm needles 2parts, 019-D65 guide tube for use with 6.5mm needles, 019-D70 guide tube for use with 7mm needles, 020 – Spring for Lever Arm, 023 – spring (upgraded), 032 – Plunger complete with bearings, 032a – 2x bearings, 2 x circlips, No Plunger, 034 – needle ring (standard), 030 – Ring for tension Wheel, 037 – guidefoot (standard), 037-d70 – guidefoot (for 7mm diameter needles), 037-XL62 – guidefoot (for 62mm pile needles), 037-XL74 – guidefoot (for 74mm pile needles), 037-XL80 – guidefoot (for 80mm pile needles), 042 – Blade Screw, 046 – Screw for guide foot pressure plate, 070 – Screw for Blade Guard, 072 – Lever Arm Screw, 073 – Screw for Tension Wheel, 079 – air fitting with fibre washer (2 part), 080 – high pressure air tube, 092 – Air valve to gun, used with 093 rapid closing clutch, 093 – Air valve from compressor rapid closing clutch, 116 – Grub Screw for Cam, 198 – Screw for plate valve