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Needles and Feedwheels for VML16 Tufting Gun


Replacement Needles and Feedwheels for the Hofmann VML16 tufting gun. If you have damaged or lost your feed wheel or needle then it is a straight swap.

Also available is a kit of 8x needles and 8x feed-wheels


To change the length of your carpet pile then this can be done also, but there are some limitations.

Most VML16s are provided with a 6mm diameter and 16mm long needle with the matching 12.1mm (16mm pile length) feed wheel. To change to an 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 30mm or 45mm pile length, just select a 6mm needle with the relevant length AND the equivalent feedwheel.

smaller pile lengths ie 12mm you will a new needle, feedwheel and also a special 12mm cam (part 16).
longer pile lengths eg 62,74 and 80mm will need a new needle, feed wheel,  and guide foot (part 37).  The larger feedwheel puts extra pressure on the lever arm spring and can stretch it, so it is worth having a spare for when you move back to a smaller pile length.

4mm, 5mm, and 6.5mm yarn tunnels
To change the width of your needles, you need to change the whole yarn tunnel, you will need a new guide tube (part 19), anvil (part 015) and needle.

7mm yarn tunnels
To change the width of your needles, you need to change the whole yarn tunnel, you will need a new guide tube (part 19), anvil (part 015), guide foot (part 37-7mm) and needle.

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needle diameter=4mm length=12mm, needle diameter=4mm length=16mm, needle diameter=4mm length=18mm, neede diameter=4mm length=20mm, needle diameter=4mm length=25mm, needle diameter=5mm length=12mm, needle diameter=5mm length=16mm, needle diameter=5mm length=18mm, needle diameter=5mm length=20mm, needle diameter=5mm length=25mm, needle diameter=5mm length=30mm, needle diameter=5mm length=35mm, needle diameter=5mm length=40mm, needle diameter=5mm length=45mm, needle diameter=5mm length=62mm, needle diameter=5mm length=74mm, needle diameter=5mm length=80mm, needle diameter=6mm length=12mm, needle diameter=6mm length=16mm, needle diameter=6mm length=18mm, needle diameter=6mm length=20mm, needle diameter=6mm length=25mm, needle diameter=6mm length=30mm, needle diameter=6mm length=35mm, needle diameter=6mm length=40mm, needle diameter=6mm length=45mm, needle diameter=6mm length=62mm, needle diameter=6mm length=74mm, needle diameter=6mm length=80mm, needle diameter=6.5mm length=12mm, needle diameter=6.5mm length=25mm, needle diameter=6.5mm length=30mm, needle diameter=7mm length=18mm, needle diameter=7mm length=20mm, needle diameter=7mm length=25mm, needle diameter=7mm length=30mm, needle diameter=7mm length=35mm, needle diameter=7mm length=40mm, needle diameter=7mm length=45mm, feed wheel D=08.0mm, feed wheel D=08.5mm, feed wheel D=09.0mm, feed wheel D=09.5mm, feed wheel D=10.0mm, feed wheel D=10.5mm, feed wheel D=11.0mm, feed wheel D=11.5mm, feed wheel D=12.1mm – Pile Length=16mm, feed wheel D=12.6mm, feed wheel D=13.1mm – Pile Length=18mm, feed wheel D=13.8mm, feed wheel D=14.3mm – Pile Length=20mm, feed wheel D=15.0mm, feed wheel D=15.7mm, feed wheel D=16.0mm, feed wheel D=16.5mm, feed wheel D=17.5mm – Pile Length=25mm, feed wheel D=20.7mm – Pile Length=30mm, feed wheel D=23.9mm – Pile Length=35mm, feed wheel D=27.0mm – Pile Length=40mm, feed wheel D=30.1mm – Pile Length=45mm, feed wheel D=41.1mm – Pile Length=62mm, feed wheel D=48.4mm – Pile Length=74mm, feed wheel D=52.5mm – Pile Length=80mm