MTS300VAC – Mobile Upright Shearing Machine with vacuum unit

Machine to Finish Carpets and Rugs by shearing or Cropping the pile of Tufts

Efficient operation – Perfect Finish with MTS 300

The portable carpet shearing machine MTS 300 was designed on the basis of our self developed shearing principle. It is particularly suitable for pile shearing of hand-woven and knotted carpets (e.g. berber carpets), as well as for shearing off fluff from woven carpets and for removing excessive pile from fitted carpets.
In spite of the considerable shearing width of 300 mm, it can be easily operated by only one person (similar to lawn mower); reversing is facilitated by rollers. A simple movement allows infinite adjustment of the shearing depth.
All parts are manufactured to an extremely high degree of precision. The motors which are fitted ensure quiet running and are particularly suitable for continuous operation.


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We are licensed to distribute in the UK, Ireland and all of Europe except Germany, France and Belgium. If you live outside these areas please contact info@hofmann-handtuft.de

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MTS300VAC – Mobile Upright Shearing Machine with vacuum unit