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Motor and Gear Parts for VML16


There are two versions of the VML motor, with the change being in 2004.

until 2004 the motor is referred to as the “Stayer” motor, after this date it is called the “Fein” motor.

if your gun was made in 2004, and are not sure which motor you have, send your serial number and a photograph of the whole gun side on to us and we will let you know.

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#410065 – Trigger / switch, F030 – capacitor, F065 – pair of carbon brushes (2004 onwards), F065 – pair of carbon brushes (STAYER – pre 2004), F090-220W – stator 220 W -V2011 (2011 onwards), F280 – Protective Sleeve, G061 – feed wheel pin, G10.3 and G10.4 – Gear wheel and Woodruff key