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KS50 Edge Bevelling Machine for Carpet Samples or Tiles

The edge bevelling machine KS50 has been improved with a new electric motor, a new digital display and a new emergency stop.

The key element of the edge bevelling machine KS 50 is our shearing unit SE 50 L that can be positioned for better utilization of the complete shearing width. It is designed with an angle adjustment of 15° to 60°.

The shearing depth is adjustable from 2 mm to 22 mm, A quick and easy adjustment can be carried out by releasing the locking lever.
The conveyor belt is driven by an adjustable speed three-phase motor.

The guide-plate for carpet samples can be easily adjusted between 20 mm to 210 mm. Larger carpet pieces are guided manually while passing through.


– compact, sturdy construction
– the shearing motor is a special three-phase motor*, wear-resistant with a long durability
– variable speed control by means of a frequency changer
– the shearing roller and the shearing blade are made of the best heavy-duty high-speed steel
– the shearing roller and the shearing blade are easily exchangeable and can be resharpened many times
– easily adjustable speed of conveyor belt
– long service life through highest precision and best material

*The KS50 has two frequency convertors built in, meaning it  uses a powerful 3 phase motor, whilst only using single phase electrics.  It can be run on a standard 13amp socket/plug. (one frequency converter is for the shearer motor, and one for the belt motor)

Technical data
Connection: 1~ 230 V/50 cycles; 0,5 kW approx
Dimensions: 500 x 630 x 370 mm
Weight: approx. 39 kg

Necessary Accessories
In order to remove the fluff and to „raise“ the pile, a suitable dust extractor system is necessary

Alternative Models

The shearing units are available in a Left hand and right hand versions for installation into your existing production line.

There is a double machine “TS50 Tandem” which shears opposite sides in one pass, widths 20mm-220mm accommodated.

We are licensed to distribute in the UK, Ireland and all of Europe except Germany, France and Belgium. If you live outside these areas please contact info@hofmann-handtuft.de

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For a detailed breakdown of the KS50 and it cutters see the 7 page pdf below,  use the arrows in the bottom left corner.

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