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Hofmann VML16 Maintenance Kit

£360.00 (inc VAT - £432.00;)

A selection of common spare parts needed of the lifetime of your VML16 with a 6mm guide tube and anvil.

Maintenance kits are also available for other sizes of guide tubes. 99% of the VMLs have 6mm guide tubes. you will know if yours isn’t.

It includes:

1 x 007 Connection rod Piston
1 x 009 valve
3 x 015 anvil 6mm
5 x 017 blade 08HQ
1 x 019 6mm guide tube
1 x 020 feed roller spring
1 x 023 piston spring
2 x 232 ball bearing for plunger
2 x 332 circles for plunger
2 x 432 space bush for plunger
2 x 532 space disc for plunger
1 x 037 guide foot
10 x 042 blade screws
2 x 046 screws for guide foot pressure plate
2 x 048 guide key with 2xscrews
2 x 070 screw for blade cover
1 x 079 air fitting
1 x 088 yarn guide
1 x 093 rapid pneumatic clutch
1 x 065 pair of carbon brushes

all items are available individually, but having the set saves you downtime and saves you over £175.

if not in stock you can “back order”, in this case they are distributed from Germany so there is currently a 3-4 week lead time.
We are licensed to distribute in the UK, Ireland and all of Europe except Germany, France and Belgium. If you live outside these areas please contact info@hofmann-handtuft.de

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