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Hitex Automatic Robotic Tufting System HPR6

This high precision robot is equipped with the best components available. Six servo motors give the Hitex HPR6 robot very high production speed for all types of designs. It is equipped with the Hitex PRO-tuft unit, making this machine the most versatile on the market. The robot runs at full speed while changing cut and loop production. Tufting in stable steel frames, this system excels in production of a wide range of different sized carpets and rugs.
A rigid construction with high quality materials that uses few wearing parts, is fast to setup and easy to operate gives high technical availability along with low maintenance cost. This makes the HPR6 the most cost-efficient robot tuft system available.
To avoid faults and errors when tufting, the robot is equipped with multiple yarn detection systems. One single sensor on the tuft unit and up to 12 individual sensors on the creel minimizes both unnecessary stops and repairs.
All design work, including vectorizing, is done in Hitex Tuft CAD. This is a very powerful, yet easy to use, plugin for Corel Draw software. Tuft lines can be performed in any direction, angle and shape that you want in the most comprehensive way.
Hitex believe that the way to the best products is based on good cooperation. This is why we offer our customers free support and free training for machine operators and designers at headquarters in Svängsta. With each HPR6 robot comes also the Hitex expertise generated from 35 years of robot tuft pioneering.

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Robot Available in 3 standard sizes. 4×3, 6×4, 9×4 m production area
Control Electric cabinet with touch HMI interface
Tuft unit Hitex PRO-tuft v5
Frame Moveable steel frame including frame holders
Creel Hitex creel with 6 individual yarn sensors
3D Dynamic pile height device as standard
Cut/loop Dynamic cut/loop function as standard (excl. the U.S.)
Pile heights Cut pile: 12-45mm U-tuft, 20-110mm J-tuft
Loop pile: 4-45mm
Software Hitex Operator software
Hitex Design Software
Hitex Tuft CAD (option)
Hitex Data Analyzer (option)
A/C Cooler for cabinet (option)
Education & training 4 days of installation and training on site. Training possibility in our factory in Svängsta included. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.
Output Output depends on a number of parameters such as design, density, material etc. Maximum output is 7m²/h.


Space and additional requirements
Building Robot Size (m)
4×3 6×4 9×4
Length 9 11 14
Width 4,5 4,5 4,5
Height 4 5 5
Electricity Main voltage 400V, 50-60Hz + N + PE. Power 1kW, max fuse 3x16A
Compressed air Air consumption approx. 300L/min, minimum working pressure 8 bar
Recommended basic power of compressor: 600L/min, 10 bar
Required additional equipment
Shearing Shearing machine, vacuum system, pile preparing machine
Backing Primary backing fabric: we recommend woven polyester 60/60 backing