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Flexorand Speedbinder for Wide 122mm Tape

Upgraded to a wide-tape binder, the Speedbinder can also handle carpet binding tapes 122 mm in width. Every Speedbinder can be refitted at the Flexorand workshop. After this one-off refit, the tools for narrow and wide carpet binding tape are changed with effortless ease.

The Speedbinder is a portable machine that uses a prefabricated tape to bind by stitching carpet edges rather than the conventional overlock serger, which use yarns and filaments. The finished result can look indistinguishable albeit better than the normally whipped edge. In addition to the effect of traditional carpet whipping, different tapes can be used to create a range of effects. The machine can bind inside and outside corners. The Speedbinder is very portable and fitted with wheels so that it can be used on a table or on site to stitch the tape.

Used to make mats and carpets for cars, sample books for carpets, vans, caravans, mobile homes, campers, camper van, RV’s, boats, yachts, marine craft, airplanes, jets, aeroplanes, planes, aircraft.

We are only licensed to supply the Flexorand Speedbinder to the UK

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Flexorand Speedbinder for Wide 122mm Tape