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Blade Sharpening


To simplify the process Millstek have negotiated a process that allow you to deal directly with the manufacturer, Hofmann, who will sharpen your blades for you. Saving you time and money.

Please note: Hofmann will only sharpen their own blades.


Step One
Email info@hofmann-handtuft.de
include your details including, number and type of blade that need sharpening, your company name and return postal address.
Hofmann will then confirm your details and set up your account.

Step two:
Apply for an EORI number if you don’t already have one, it only takes a couple of minutes. All businesses whether sole traders, ltd companies, or PLCs now need one to send and receive items from within the EU

Step three:
Box up your blades with plenty of packaging and send your blades:
Hofmann Handtuft-Technik GmbH
An der Lach 27 – 86720 Nördlingen Germany
when sending by courier please use the following information
Reason for export: temporary export / repair
Customs Commodity Code: 84679900
Customs Commodity Description: parts for carpet shearer
Hofmann EORI number: DE2990873


Step Four:
Hofmann will examine the blades and give you a full quote.
extra work is sometimes required if the blades are have nicks or chips.
Blades can only be sharpened a finite number of times, when too much metal has been removed a new blade will be needed. Hofmann will also advise if this is the case.

Step Five:
once approved and payment received (in Euros) Hofmann will sharpen the blades then courier back to you.

Sharpening Costs

TS 120 U / TS 120 W
shearing blade 120mm. €28.00
shearing roller 120mm €42.00
MTS 300 / TS 300 S
shearing blade 300mm €32.00
shearing roller 300mm €72.00
shearing blade 310mm €35.00
KS 50 / SE 50
shearing roller 50mm €42.00
shearing blade 50mm €22.00
ES 895 / ES 896
blade set ES 895 €34.00
blade set ES 896 €34.00
MS 40‐A / MS 40
blade set €8.20
blade set hollow grinding €11.60 (highly recommended – but only available for batches of 10+ blades)
VML16 Tufting Gun
Type 95 blade €4.00
Type 96 blade €4.00
Type 08 HQ blade €4.00

Return Courier
Usually approximately €20

Import Fees
You might be charged VAT on the sharpening, this is handled by the courier, they may also charge you a VAT collection fee of around £12.

If you have any issues anywhere during this process Millstek are still here to support you.

Additional information


TS120 – Flat, TS120 – Roller