22mm Sample Books and Charts


To get an exact colour and texture match we provide a fan charts, and sample sheets

order 7001:  Attractive fan chart with well-designed magnetic locking box contains 160 samples of carpet binding tape.  Contains all colours of the Quickstep, Pisa, Objekta, Ontario, and Dublin.


order no: 450040-000.   Quickstep Colour chart mounted on card


Order no: 450040-999  22mm Quickstep Supplementary colour chart on card




order no 450033-000 : 22mm Boston Colour Chart, 12 colours mounted on card.




Order no:  450042-000. 22mm Objekta colour chart, 7 colours mounted on card.

Order no: 450035-000 22mm Dublin colour chart, 16 colours mounted on card.


Colors shown on your screen and when printed  can vary and may not match the product. For exact matches please refer to sample books and charts 

Millstek are only licenced to sell this product in the UK.   To find your local distributor contact info@flexorand.de

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7001 – Fan Chart, 450033-000 – Boston Card, 450035-000 – Dublin Card, 450042-000 – Objekta Card, 450054-000 – Ontario Card, 450040-000 – Quickstep Card, 450040-999 – Quickstep Supplementary Card, 450034-000 – Tallinn Card, 450050-000 – PerlonVelours